Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Hooray for Kerry!

I'm so happy.

Unfortunately I missed the presidential debates tonight, as I was indisposed. But fortunately tonight on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which I watch regularly (note to Bill O'Reilly: I am a graduate student and an English teacher who has never touched marijuana, just so you know), there was a special analysis of the presidential debates.

I will tell you that if I could, I would give Kerry a big ol' hug right now. And then I would promptly turn around and French kiss a willing friend so I wouldn't come across looking like a new Monica Lewinsky (excuse me while I shudder at the thought).

John Kerry, who has my unwavering support, has also provoked some frustration in me by failing to clearly articulate a definite opinion on Iraq. But tonight he laid it out, clearly and concisely: Saddam Hussein was a threat; there was a right way and a wrong way to deal with him, and Bush chose the wrong way.

Yes! Slam dunk! Home run! Touchdown! GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Bravo! Encore! Standing ovation! Snoopy dances!

There's more I have to say regarding the TDS analysis, but first I just want to take a moment to bask in the glory of John Kerry's rhetorical and oratorical skills.

Okay, moving on. The Daily Show also had Rudolph Giuliani providing analysis for the debate. Now, Mr. Giuliani strikes me as a fairly classy and respectable individual, but tonight...look, Rudy, if you must put words in Sen. Kerry's mouth could you at least have the courtesy not to use stupid ones?

I'll admit, Mr. Giuliani had his work cut out for him. He set out to confuse the points that Sen. Kerry made, but since Sen. Kerry expressed himself very clearly, Mr. Giuliani had to feign confusion and came off looking like a complete nimrod. But he did say one thing that I'd like to speak to.

He said that Kerry said the war was a mistake, but that we need to go in and fix it. He asked (and I paraphrase), "How can he ask our people to go fight and die in a war that was a mistake?"

First of all, it has always been a mistake, and saying that it isn't will not change the facts. A few people realized that it was a mistake from the beginning and tried to keep us from invading, because we KNEW it was a mistake and we KNEW that our country would have to pay a terrible price for that mistake. But your precious president didn't listen. He went ahead and invaded Iraq. And all the hindsight in the world isn't going to change that. We can say over and over again that it was and continues to be a mistake, but we can't go back and undo what we have done. As Jon Stewart put it, we have "married" this place, and now we are responsible for what happens there. We made a huge mess, and now we are obligated to clean it up.

And if George W. Bush can't or won't do his duty in regard to Iraq, then we need to elect someone who can, and that someone is John Kerry.

Game. Set. Match.
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