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But never make light of 'Boing', son

I've decided to do another theme week...or theme couple of days, anyway, during which every day I will post a little something that gives me a little joy, a little uplift of the mood and spirit. And I've decided to start now because for some reason I can't sleep and thinking of all these things I plan to post and giggling really isn't conducive to sleeping.

Anyway, the first entry is an MST3k short called "Are You Ready for Marriage?" a 1950s instructional film, the thesis of which is that it's probably not a good idea to elope immediately after you finish high school, because your relationship is like a rubber band that could snap under pressure (you can watch the original short here at I had seen this short as part of a collection of shorts included in one of my MST3K boxed sets, but when I watched it on YouTube I got the bonus of seeing the skit immediately following from the original episode, which is a delightful and hilarious coda to the short.

So without further ado, here it is, in two parts:

Please enjoy!
(And please also be careful of the "related video" thumbnails at the end; some of them are only related in the loosest, most terrible sense of the word.)
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