Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Teen Girl Squad!

Continuing with the theme of "things that give me some small joy" week (and I really should try to think of a less clunky title), today I present (in the sense of "post links to")...Teen Girl Squad!...from the good people over at

I love Strongbad; I love his voice and his idiolect, but when he goes falsetto to do the Teen Girl Squad voices it's ... indescribably entertaining.

I love all the installments of Teen Girl Squad, but two stick out as my favorites:

Issue 9: "Cuz now I'm best friends with an olda girl what has her learner's permit!" (This one has a song in it that I just love.)

Issue 10: "The tenthennial 24 great-smelling colors!"

"Corn is no place for a mighty warrior!"
Tags: internet videos, theme week
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