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It's Friday I'm in love

Granted, when it's Friday to the rest of the world, it's only Thursday for me (not factoring in time changes and the international date line).

With Friday came the end of Customer Service Week (although it looks as though we'll be eating free popcorn for many weeks to come), and with it another craptastic free gift. Today it was a lanyard with the capability to light up and flash green light. Now, while crappy and pointless, it's also so silly and whimsical that I couldn't help but laugh with delight at it. It reminded me of my childhood when I would go to events of some description or another and they would sell glowing/light-up accessories, and I could never have one cuz they were too expensive.

I also had to laugh (though quietly this time) at lovely David as he was handing them out to people, when he referred to them as "langoliers". I'm forced to assume that lovely David was conflating the words "lanyard" and "bandolier", because I'm pretty sure that "langoliers" is a word made up by Stephen King to denote imaginary creatures in the novella of the same name.

Also, I saw in the paper that Hairspray is finally in the $3 theater. Yay! I'm planning to go see it this weekend. I'm so excited! Hairspray, after all, is the first actual Broadway show that I actually saw on Broadway, so I'm excited to see how it translated (back) into a movie. While I'm impressed with the quality of the cast they put together, I am disappointed that they didn't (couldn't?) get any of the original Broadway players to revise their roles. Not to say anything against John Travolta, because he's quite good and I'm sure he's radiant in the role, but as far as I'm concerned Harvey Fierstein owns that role, so I have mixed feelings about seeing someone else do it. Actually, that's inaccurate; I have mixed feelings about hearing somebody else do it. But I'm sure it'll be swell.

Anyway, speaking of movie musicals reminds me that Sweeney Todd is coming out...well, late this year, but probably not into wide release until early next year. And, as I just discovered, there's a trailer for it! It does sound as though it's going to have a high talking-to-singing ratio, which I'm glad of for Johnny Depp's sake, because Sondheim is a bitch to sing. I speak from experience; when I was in A Little Night Music I had one solo (not counting the one verse I sang solo in that one other song) and I spent more time working on that blasted song1 than I spent learning my lines (and waaaaay more time than I spent learning blocking, since I spent almost the entire play being pushed around in a wheelchair, which was awesome). "Melody?" seems to be Sondheim's unspoken attitude, "You don't need no stinkin' melody!" So I would pity anyone doing Sondheim as their first musical role. Although, I must say, interesting choice of Mr. Depp's to make use of a particular dialect for the character, so that any anomalies in singing could be chalked up to characterization (though it probably won't shut up the critics if they're inclined to be critical). Well played, Mr. Depp, well played. I would have preferred that you'd used a voice other than Jack Sparrow's, but hey, it's your world; whatever works. Anyhoo, I'm really excited about this movie; a movie musical is always a good thing, and it seems like a really good cast all around. Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall? Excellent! (I was going to say "Yummy!" but given the subject matter that seemed less than appropriate.)

And I've just reduced myself to giggles again because I was just thinking that Johnny Depp's characterization of Sweeney Todd is like a cross between Jack Sparrow and Count Olaf from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (as portrayed by Jim Carrey).

1 I remember at the time the musical director saying, with barely contained panic in his voice, that the guy playing Henrik and I had the two hardest songs in the whole thing, and he also didn't know which of the two of us had the harder task. Well, I suppose it's all a matter of perspective, but personally I think it was me, because Henrik's song is at least pretty and, if you don't count the part where he was singing in trio, mine was much, much longer. I think it was longer even if you do count the trio, but I wouldn't swear to it.
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