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H. Clinton Supporter Makes Dubious Claims on the Phone

I came home from the library to a message on my answering machine from someone "calling on behalf of Hillary Clinton" and claiming to be "one of [my] neighbors in Canton," which is a town roughly 20 miles south of here.

However, when I checked the caller ID (which I love and want to make out with) it revealed that the area code was 803, which is an area code in South CAROLINA!!!

Being one word off doesn't make you close!

Now, while this is suspicious, I have to admit that an out-of-state area code doesn't necessarily mean that the caller was not calling from Canton, SD. She could have recently lived in South Carolina, had a cell phone there, and brought her cell phone here and never bothered to change the area code. People do that all the damn time, and--like most things pertaining to cell phones--it really annoys me. Moreover, at the end of the message there's another voice either speaking Chinese or giving a political disclaimer, so it's possible that someone in Canton recorded a message, submitted it to some campaign center in South Carolina, who fed it into a computer and programed the computer to spew it forth all over South Dakotan phone lines.

I checked the phone book, and while I couldn't find an exact entry for the mysterious caller's name, there were a few entries under her last name which is not an unusual name around here. On the other hand, when she was rattling off a local phone number I could call for more information if I was interested, she pronounced the area code as "six zero five" whereas most South Dakotans pronounce it as "six oh five," especially amongst ourselves, when we feel the need to mention the area code at all, which we don't usually because we only have one in the whole state. Now, to be fair, I try to say "six zero five" when talking on the phone (especially to outsiders) because "zero" is easier to hear and understand on the phone than "oh". Moreover, she was clearly reading off of a script, and when the campaign gave their volunteers their scripts, they might also have given hints such as "pronounce 0 as 'zero' rather than 'oh'." Her dialect did sound more like southeastern South Dakota than it did like southeastern U.S. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean anything either; she could have been raised around here without necessarily living here now. Anyway, the bottom line is that it struck me as an annoyingly deceptive campaign tactic and just added to my long list of reasons not to vote for H. Clinton. (Or I could adopt my oldest brother's philosophy and refuse to vote for anyone who makes automated campaign calls, but I value my suffrage too much for that.

By the way, the reason for the call was that apparently B. Clinton is going to be in Canton, of all places, on Saturday morning for an event, which I couldn't attend even if I wanted to because I have to work. But man, the Clintons have been popping up all over this state lately. If they're not careful, some rancher's going to mistake them for a pair of unusually articulate prairie dogs and shoot them.

Seriously, it's really annoying to me the way she's spending all this time in South Dakota because she thinks that it might benefit her, yet in the unlooked-for event that she becomes the nominee--or in the even more unpalatable event that she becomes president--do you think she'll come see us or talk to us or even think about us ever again?

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