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Dr. Forrester has sent us a truly great website!

The good folks over at Satellite News (the official MST3k fan website) have created the most wonderful Cafepress t-shirt store ever! I've just been sitting here laughing like crazy.

Oh, I wish I had a lot of money to waste on buying t-shirts, because I want them all pretty much. But most of all I want the HELPING CHILDREN THROUGH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT shirt, because (a) during the sketch in question there actually was a t-shirt like that, and (b) whenever I hear Tom Servo rattle off that "acronym," (or rather what the acronym stands for), I can't help laughing.

By the way, I've been wanting to ask my German-speaking friends to help me with something for a while now: according to the t-shirt, the last four words are "Mit Ein Nauseburger Tod." Now, I know "mit" means "with" and "ein" is an indefinite article, and "tod" means "death," but what, if anything, does "Nauseburger" mean?
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