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Well, so I did go see Twilight after all...

You see, I was feeling hormonally unbalanced and overly emotional, so I thought getting out of the house and seeing a teen-angst movie would help. And it did. I did enjoy the movie, though not necessarily in the way the filmmakers intended. And yet, as it was ending and I was leaving the theater, I felt kind of ashamed for having spent money on it (although it was a matinee, so I didn't pay full price for it), and kind of nervous that I might run into someone I know and feel the need to explain myself, but that didn't happen so it's fine.

Anyway, as to the film I expected, it is prime Rifftrax fodder. Example:

BELLA--Let's assume for the sake of argument that I'm not smart.
ME--Wow, that's a stretch.

There were quite a few places in the movie where I enjoyed a hearty guffaw where no one else seemed to. That said, however, I think the medium of film served the material well as far as making it seem less ridiculous, as did having actual, three-dimensional human beings portraying the various roles. I think that casting Robert Pattinson in the role of Edward was wise, because I found myself liking the character as portrayed by him, whereas I didn't expect to like him at all (due to transference, if nothing else). But he brought something indefinably endearing to the role. I guess somehow through his acting ethos he brought some credibility to the role and to the project--no mean feat, so let's give him credit where credit is due. He's also quite pretty, and I'm not sure why; I wouldn't categorize any of the individual features of his face particularly attractive, and yet put them all together and somehow it works. So yeah, he's definitely the glue that holds this thing together; I was impressed with him, and I will be watching his career with interest.

I don't know what else to say, really. It wasn't as unintentionally hilarious as I thought it might be, but certainly presented a lot of raw material for parody. What I needed from it was escapism, and it provided in spades, so I guess from that viewpoint I can recommend it--provisionally. Oh, and because I know it will be of interest to some people, the girl who played Fritzie in Camp was in it, which of course opens up a whole new avenue of parody possibilities.
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