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It is so nice to have something to look forward to at the end of your weekend.

Instead of saying, "oh, I have to go back to work tomorrow" all day, I said, "Oh, I get to watch 'Dancing with the Stars' and 'Castle' tonight!"

And "Dancing with the Stars" was THRILLING!!! I was a little bit concerned about Evan Lysacek since he had to do another Latin dance this week, but I know from the Torino Olympics that when he has a setback, it drives him to work harder than ever to prove himself. And once again the pattern holds true: tonight, as in the Torino free skate, he scored his personal best after his personal worst. Not only his personal best, but a perfect 30, the first perfect score of the season. Man, it was so exciting, I got up and jumped around and cheered and scared my poor cat half to death.

Man. You couldn't have scripted that better. After the fact it always seems like it was meant to be, but I know that it's because of his tenacity and determination. I'm just in awe of him; he is a man of unbelievable strength of character. After his free skate at the Torino Olympics, Sandra Bezic said of him, "coming from the depths two days he knows he can do anything," and that certainly seems to be the case.

I had some misgivings about it before, but ultimately I'm glad that he's doing DWTS because if Plushenko is right and American interest in competitive figure skating has been waning, then this, oddly enough, is probably the best thing that Evan Lysacek could have done for the U.S. figure skating program after winning Olympic gold. And the men's figure skating program in the U.S. right now is so strong; I failed to mention it when I was talking about the World Championships, but my boy Jeremy Abbott did bounce back from his Olympic disappointment to place fifth, a solid showing and much more promising than his 11th place finishes at Worlds in the past two seasons. With our second alternate Adam Rippon and his trademark lutz placing sixth, we get three berths in the men's event at next year's Worlds too. So next season promises to be thrilling, and if Plushenko is back and in top form (which I hope he is, for his own sake) it promises to be epic.

The next three weeks of DWTS promise to be thrilling as well. Man, I'm just looking forward to tomorrow when they post tonight's episode online and I can watch the best parts over and over again as I please. Oh, another thing that was great about DWTS tonight that has nothing to do with the competition: when Tom Bergeron was introducing Evan and Anna's dance tonight he mentioned the fall from last week and then added, "which we showed you about 50 times," and it was so gratifying to know that someone else, specifically someone connected with the show, thought that that was excessive. Thank you!
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