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Not a surprise, but a disappointment.

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls and Derek Hough won "Dancing with the Stars."

They deserved it, no question. Derek Hough was my favorite professional dancer, and the two of them were really fun to watch, except on the few occasions when they fought with each other. In a way I'm glad that Evan Lysacek won second because now he gets to show the world how a second-place finisher is supposed to behave, and this arguably requires more grace because unlike the Olympics where they give out medals for first, second and third, DWTS only gives out one trophy.

It's the first time an Olympic gold medalist on DWTS has not won, so that's a little disappointing. But he won the important competition, the one that counted, the one that made him legendary. Also I think--at least, I hope--that he's learned something about performance that will help him in future skating competitions. He danced a paso doble last week that was literally so good that it was scary; it was on a completely different level than anything he did all season, and once I got over being freaked out by his convincing vampire character I said to myself, "If he could do a single's skating version of that dance, no one would ever beat him, quad or no quad."

I love him no matter what, and I'm so proud of him.

And yet...I just hope the other skaters don't give him a hard time for being beat in the dancing competition by a girl.
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