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YoB&E: Day 34--Yesteryear TV parodies

Last week in a comment, I mentioned two Sesame Street parodies of TV shows that were popular when I was a little kid, and I realized that they both feature Ernie, so they're both fair game for this project.

"Love Boat"

"Hill Street Twos"

I think the Hill Street Blues parody stands the test of time a little bit better than the Love Boat parody, but the "Love Boat" parody still makes me laugh even though there's not much to it. The thing I remember best about The Love Boat is the theme song, and the parody theme song is spot-on perfect. Kudos to Joe Raposo, who wrote and performed it (the parody, not the original).

I suppose the "Love Boat" sketch would have been a possible option for a Valentine's Day feature, but I'm glad that I went the direction that I did with it. I've been carrying a lot of that stuff around with me for a long time, and it was therapeutic to get it off my chest.

"Hill Street Twos" is most notable for me for featuring both Ernie and Grover. As I have commented on before, we don't see them together in sketches very often, and even here they don't really interact with each other. As I've also said before, I think their personalities are too similar to work up a good conflict. In this sketch specifically, they each seem to have a rather tenuous grasp of what police work entails. They sure look spiffy in those uniforms, though.
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