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YoB&E: Day 47--Ernie and Cookie Monster Happy/Sad

Two Friends + One Cookie = Much Heartache

Oh, for crying out loud, guys, it's just a cookie! Walk the ten feet to Hooper's Store and buy some more!

I notice that Early!Cookie Monster has quite a pronounced underbite. I also notice that he refers to himself as "Monster" in this sketch, which is odd. I guess maybe they hadn't decided yet that "Cookie Monster" was actually his name; maybe they were thinking that "Monster" was his name and "Cookie" was just a descriptor to differentiate him from the other monsters. To this day, there are still some people who refer to him as "The Cookie Monster," which sounds weird to me, but I don't think it's considered incorrect.

For some reason, thinking about Cookie Monster's name reminded me of this silly little sketch/video of a baby eating a cookie and making a huge mess, and Cookie Monster in voiceover trying to persuade her to give him the cookie:

I have to wonder: did somebody actually write a script for this, or did they just ask Frank Oz to record a voiceover as Cookie Monster by reacting the way that Cookie Monster would react?
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