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YoB&E: Day 72--The National Association of W Lovers

A classic song by Bert.

The beginning of this sketch has been edited out of the version. Seeing how I'm a professional transcriptionist and all, I'll just transcribe the beginning for you:
[Bert stands at his podium looking at the assembly. General unintelligible conversation fills the room.]

BERT: All right, all right everybody. Settle down. Come on now. [The conversation subsides] Now *ahem* Welcome to the weekly meeting of the National Association of W Lovers. We are gathered here today to pay tribute to that great letter: W, and the wondrous sound it makes...

The lyrics to this song were written by Jerry Juhl, who was primarily a Muppet writer rather than a Sesame Street writer. Therefore, I suspect that the first draft of this sketch probably ended with Bert's podium falling over, which would be more muppety. But I have no way to prove that.

So the point of this club is to get together once a week to sing the song and then go home? I hope they don't charge exorbitant dues.
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