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Color wars

It is sometimes dismaying to me and sometimes amusing to me to think about how much significance we as a culture have invested in the colors pink and blue.

For example, I was reading a little bit yesterday about the speculation about the sex of Kate Middleton's baby. Apparently she was seen pushing a blue stoller in a store, and the blogosphere was like "OMG! She's totally pushing a blue pram around, so she MUST be having a boy!"

Or ... maybe she just likes blue? Or maybe she was trying out the model without paying attention to what color it was?

I remember my sister talking about people getting mad at her for not publicizing the sex of her children before they were born because then people didn't know whether to buy baby gifts in pink or blue. If I were an expectant parent, I wouldn't publicize the sex of the baby beforehand either (even if I found it out), and if people mentioned pink vs. blue to me, I would ask them, "Why does it matter?" It would be very interesting to see who had an answer already prepared and who would be caught off guard by the question.

But if I were the Duchess of Cambridge, I think it would be better and safer not to know beforehand and to find out at the same time as everybody else, i.e., at the baby's birth. Or, conversely, maybe it would be/have been better to find out and publicize it straightaway, to try to do away with at least some of the foolish speculation, although then I imagine one would run the risk of being called a royal spoilsport, or something stupid like that. It would also be tempting to just totally mess with people and make a big show of looking at blue things one day and pink things the next day and sort of purply/periwinkle things the day after that. And then look at yellow things on another day and watch people trying to figure out whether or not yellow is a gender-neutral color.

Regardless, the Duke and Duchess are both such attractive people that it's a pretty safe bet to say that it will be a beautiful baby.

I have to say that I will be happy for them no matter what, but insofar as it matters to me, I'm kind of hoping that they have a girl.
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