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Year of Bert, Ernie and Occasionally Cookie Monster: Day 121--Cookie's flight of fancy

I'm breaking my own rules again today, using a Cookie Monster sketch containing neither Bert nor Ernie. But the sight of the moon at perigee made me think of this song:

"If Moon Was Cookie"

This song is one that I remember with a great deal of fondness from my childhood. I love it when Cookie Monster gets pensive. And the so-called "supermoon" does remind me of the prop moon in this song, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, you might well wonder why I broke the pattern with a Cookie Monster solo when there's a perfectly good moon-related song by Ernie that I could use, particularly since you know from my Muppet Mindset survey that it's one of my very favorite songs of all the songs in the world. There is a reason: I'm saving that one for a special occasion.
Tags: memory, music, sesame street, sioux falls, year of bert & ernie
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