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Eventually I'll be right :)

I was convinced that William and Kate's baby would be a girl. Or maybe I just convinced myself that it would be because that was my preference (insofar as I had one).

I was also convinced that my second nephew (now five years old) would be a girl.1 So if the pattern holds true, I'm calling it now that William and Kate's NEXT baby (should they have one) will be a girl. ;)

In any case, my sincere congratulations to Prince William, Catherine and little Prince Whomever. All joking aside, it is wonderful to be able to open up the CNN homepage and see happy news breaking for a change.

Also, they (William and Catherine) really seem like genuinely nice people, so it's good to see good things happen to them. :)

1In that case, I actually had a "reason" to think so: before finding out that my sister was pregnant for the second time, and possibly even before she became pregnant for the second time, I'd had a dream that she was pregnant with a girl. Which did EVENTUALLY come to pass, so maybe it's not my clairvoyant predictive ability that is faulty, but my timing. ;)
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