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YoB&E: Day 142--Bert sings "Rubber Duckie"

"It's important!"

Once again Ernie makes preparations for an extremely unlikely scenario.

Favorite lines:

BERT: Do I ask you to sing to my paper clips?

ERNIE (*sotto voce*): "vo vo vo de oh!"
BERT: Do I have to do that?

ERNIE: Okay Bert, that was not bad for a first time, Bert, but we need more feeling, Bert!

BERT: I like singing to your Rubber Duckie! We established a relationship!

Also, at the beginning when Bert is singing really fast and Ernie tries to pick up the squeaking cues correctly.

They skipped the bridge section, which is my favorite part. Grr. ;)
Tags: music, year of bert & ernie
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