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YoB&E: Day 215--Engage hyperdrive!

Backstory: A few years ago, Sesame Workshop made a licensing deal to provide Muppet voices for GPS, and this video is a promotion for that.

I don't have a GPS, but if I did, I would totally get Bert & Ernie voices for it and spend all my time driving places and letting them tell me how to get there. "How do I get to the Hy-Vee (grocery store) on 10th Street? Now how do I get to the Hy-Vee on 26th and Sycamore? Now how do I get to the Walgreen's on 26th and Sycamore?" (Answer: Cross the street.)

But that would waste a lot of gas, so I suppose it's just as well.

"Because I don't have a license!" I hate to overanalyze, but if you're just pretending to drive, you probably only need a pretend driver's license. Ernie's concreteness here reminds me of my nephews. One time my younger nephew was playing with a couple of toy tractors on the floor. At the time, their house was going through renovations, and one of the tractors "drove" into a hole in the carpet and got "stuck." So I asked him if the other tractor could pull it out, and he said, "Maybe, if it had a tow rope." And my older nephew jumped up and said, "I'll go get one!" and I said, "Couldn't you just use your imagination?" But no, apparently that wouldn't work.
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