Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

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Life Lessons

Well, I've learned a couple of lessons this week, or rather I've had a refresher course in things I probably should have learned a long time ago:

1. Positive stereotypes are no more accurate than negative ones. Being American doesn't automatically make one an asshole, nor does being Canadian automatically make one a nice person.

2. One's name doesn't determine one's destiny. Even someone with a name that literally means "good, admirable quality" can be two-faced and petty. "What's in a name?" indeed!

3. This is one I realized a while ago, but still relevant: I generally find it a lot easier to forgive those who have wronged me personally than to forgive those who have wronged someone that I care about. Not that I necessarily find it easy in the former scenario, but the latter scenario is SO much harder.
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