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Things I don't understand about Downton Abbey

Now, we're only up to S5 E3 here in the US (with episode 4 due to air tomorrow night), and I haven't seen everything that came before, so that might account for some of my confusion. But there are certain things I don't understand about Downton Abbey:

--How can Robert and Cora possibly have produced two one brown-eyed children[*](I notice now that Edith actually has hazel eyes. Generally speaking, I have a hard time differentiating between the two.) when they both have light-colored eyes? It's hilarious to me that this is a setting in which the slightest hint of impropriety can cause a major scandal, and yet everyone is content to ignore this biological bombshell literally staring them right in the face. Does Downton Abbey take place in a parallel universe in which brown eyes are caused by a recessive gene?

--Why does everyone think that Mary is so much prettier than Edith? To hear the characters talk, Mary is a goddess incarnate, while Edith is a gargoyle. I don't consider myself an expert in such matters, but in my opinion they're about on par with each other for prettiness, with Edith perhaps slightly prettier. (Corollary question: Am I the only one who would like to see Michelle Dockery play a Romulan?)

--Why haven't they fired Barrow yet? I mean, I understand the Doylish reason: because he's a major antagonist, an agent of conflict and therefore of drama. But the excuses they find to keep him employed seem farfetched to say the least.

--Why do I love to listen to Carson speak when virtually every word that comes out of his mouth is offensive to me? Answer: Because Jim Carter has such a wonderfully resonant speaking voice. I do understand that one, but it still causes me some cognitive dissonance, in that my brain keeps saying to him, "Shut up!" but my ears say, "Keep talking forever!"
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