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Things Kristi Noem Doesn't Want You to See: SD State Legislature

Well, let's start in the most basic and obvious place: South Dakota Public Broadcasting shows vast swathes of coverage of the South Dakota state legislature when it is in session. And apparently, Kristi Noem doesn't want you to see a second of it.

Why? Does Kristi Noem have something against democracy? And if so, what is she doing in the House of Representatives? Is she trying to destabilize Congress from the inside out?

Does she think that the state legislature is less important than what's going on in Congress?

Or maybe we're looking at it wrong: what exactly are they talking about in the state legislature that Kristi Noem doesn't want us to hear?

There's only one way to find out: Tune in to SDPB2 on weekday afternoons when the legislature is in session and see for yourself.
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