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Turns out I owe Trevor Noah an apology

I was basing my criticism of the fact that he interviewed RWBBB on The Daily Show on the fact that Jon Stewart never interviewed Glenn Beck. However, I've learned from The Daily Show: The Book, which I received as a Christmas present, that Jon Stewart actually invited Glenn Beck onto The Daily Show, and Glenn Beck turned him down.

So I'm sorry, Trevor Noah: apparently, not interviewing crazies is not part of the standard that you're expected to uphold. I made a snap judgment without knowing all the facts; it was a mistake, and I will own up to it.

With that said, however--and I say this cautiously because I could well be proven wrong again--I don't remember Jon Stewart ever interviewing anyone who was quite as fond of spewing epithets and slurs as your little blonde friend. So I believe--I'm just saying--I still think you're doing a disservice to American discourse by normalizing/legitimizing her far-right views.
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