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Yesterday, the reptilian Representative Noem expressed support for President von Clownstick's Muslim ban. Today there were protests outside her Sioux Falls office in response.

They were peaceful protests, so I have no objection. But I am perplexed because she is not, in fact, the only South Dakotan in Congress to express support for the ban; Sen. Mike Rounds did so too. Yet there were no protests outside his office. I know this because I was there this afternoon, and there were no protestors.[*](Unless--and this is possible because they're only a few blocks away from each other--the protestors started at Rounds' office in the morning and walked over to Noem's in the afternoon. But I don't have enough data to either confirm or disprove that.)

So why target Noem and not Rounds? Is it because she's our state's only Representative in the House thereof? Is it because she's a woman? Is it because her office is more visible? Is it because that creepy, blank-eyed, vacuous stare of hers is just so darned off-putting? Is it because Rounds takes less extreme views on other issues, such as public broadcasting, so that Noem seems less reasonable overall, even though they are both being equally unreasonable on this particular issue?

Or maybe they're planning protests outside only one building a day? Having focused on Noem today, maybe they'll get to Rounds tomorrow. Maybe they're going in alphabetical order.

So, you may be wondering, what of Thune? He gave a characteristically calculated and predictably poltical answer, to the effect that he was in favor of vetting but opposed an all-out ban. Typical Thune: sit back and wait to see which way the wind is blowing. Still, he is the only South Dakotan in Congress who said anything remotely negative about the ban, and at least that's something. When I sent him my Neimoller homage today, I wrote a handwritten note at the bottom saying I appreciated that.

But, of course, he said that yesterday; maybe he's changed his mind by now.
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