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Unperplexed, then reperplexed

Today I was still trying to figure out the differences between Kristi Noem and our two senators, that she would be targeted by pro-refugee protestors and the other two wouldn't. Is it only the obvious differences they are seeing, or are there more subtle differences that go beneath the surface?

I was thinking about it today, and I realized that one difference between Noem and the senators[*](which, by the way, would be a great name for a band; so would the variation "Kristi and the Senators") is that any time you send anything written to Noem's office--whether it be an e-mail or an actual, physical letter--you get an annoying generic e-mail--a form letter, only electronic--on the topic later. The ones I've gotten always say basically the same thing: thank you for sharing your concerns with me, but I'm going to go ahead and do whatever I want to--which is to say, whatever my party and my campaign contributors want me to--anyway. I suppose, however, if you send her a letter supporting whatever she supports, she probably sends a form letter/e-mail that says yay, I'm so glad that we totally agree on this, and you're totally my best friend now! So give me money. Thenks![*](To be completely fair, I can't really complain that I don't get to discuss my concerns with her directly because when I set up my advance call screening to prevent robocalls from getting through, it also blocked her statewide conference calls that she has periodically.)

Anyway, I thought that yesterday's protests might have been, in part, reacting against her stupid generic e-mails. But that doesn't follow either, because Thune's office also sends form e-mails (although not as quickly), and even with Noem's office, the turnaround time isn't quick enough that they would have received responses already.

And yet, even as I say that, I remember that when you send an e-mail, at least (I don't remember if they do this for letters) there's another form e-mail that goes out within 24 hours saying we received your message but we need some time to figure out which pre-scripted response to send you, so that will take a few more days but be patient, we'll get your rejection out to you soon enough. (I paraphrase.) So maybe it was a reaction to that. It's certainly possible; without more information, I can't rule it out.
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