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I apologize for posting something that really doesn't matter in the slightest when there's so much more important stuff going on, but sometimes I just get extraneous thoughts stuck in my head and this is the only way to get them out, so please bear with me.

YOUTUBE VIDEO TITLE: "Ricky Gervais Will Know Science Failed Him If He Ever Meets the Devil."
ME: What are you talking about? Ricky Gervais IS the devil!

Now, of course I'm kidding: I think the devil is probably smart and charismatic and moderately good-looking.

In seriousness, I don't think the devil would waste time trying to convince people that God doesn't exist. I think the devil would be--and probably is--out committing evil acts in God's name so as to discredit Him.

[She says in parentheses...](See what I did up there, in my cut title? hanh hanh!)
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