Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Dear ""...

Dear ","

I see that you are trying to get Jon Stewart, the host of the brilliant news/commentary program "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," to endorse a candidate for president.

What's wrong with you people? Do you have no subtlety?

No, Mr. Stewart has never explicitly said, "I endorse Bush" or "I endorse Kerry." But look at the commentary he has made about Bush. He has done nothing but criticize the Bush administration. He routinely calls them "evil," "wrong," and a number of other unsavory labels. He has expressed nothing but chagrin over the invasion of Iraq. What's the worst thing he's ever said about Kerry, that he looks dumb in a bike helmet? Do you need someone to paint you a billboard?

Jon Stewart is able to do what he does for a simple reason: the powers that be don't take him seriously. Perhaps the other members of the media have caught on to the fact that his commentary has the power to influence people--potential voters--but the President and all his toadying minions have not. That's why he can offer the insights that he offers without fear of retaliation from this powerful administration that doesn't take kindly to being painted in a bad light. That's why all these Republican campaign officials come on his show, act relaxed and reveal themselves to be the asses that they really are. Because they don't think that it matters anyway. If Jon Stewart were to endorse John Kerry (and I refuse to entertain the notion that he would endorse Bush), he would become an enemy to the Bush administration and he would no longer be able to do the work that he does.

Jon Stewart doesn't claim to be a journalist, but I think he has a quality that most journalists lack, and that is true objectivity. I don't mean to say that he doesn't have an opinion, but I think he sublimates it better than most journalists for the sake of the joke. He is looking for the ridiculous in order to ridicule it, and he will ridicule it, regardless of its source. Were he to endorse a candidate it would upset that balance.

Please don't ask him to endorse a candidate. Don't interfere with the work he is doing.
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