Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
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Time for a Daily Show lovefest

Actually, it's always time for a Daily Show lovefest, but unfortunately I have a day job.

Videos behind the cuts.

This Sen. John McCain looks like the one I voted for in the 2000 primary, but he doesn't sound anything like him. I can only assume that John McCain died and was somehow reanimated as a conservative cyborg.

I was a little disappointed in Jon because one thing I respect about him is that he's always such a gracious host even with people who disagree with him, and he's always so disdainful of newstalk shows where people just talk, often at increasing volume levels, but don't ever listen, so I was a little disappointed that this descended to the Crossfire level of discourse. To be fair, though, I think that part of the reason he felt he could let go a little is because he and John McCain are friends and they have a relationship and a mutual respect that he hasn't established with, say, Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton. (Which interview, by the way, is well worth watching and my boy did indeed hold his own, as well as getting some good rebuttals in after the fact.)

But that disappointment aside, I was glad to see Jon standing his ground and not letting McCain just go off on his tangents, his non-sequitur rants, his pre-programmed philibuster. Good job, Jon; I'm proud of you. And Sen. McCain, if you are indeed the man I voted for in the 2000 primary and not a re-animated cyborg...I want my vote back. I wish, in the name of all that is good and decent in this world, that I could take back that vote I cast for you and give it to Al Gore (not that that would have made a difference, but let's not open those wounds right now).

In all seriousness, McCain was such a jerk in this interview that I had to physically restrain myself from punching the computer monitor. I don't know that I've ever felt so betrayed by a political figure.

(Also, the Daily Show studio audience needs to stop clapping at everything. Yes, Jon's brilliant; we're all aware of that fact, but your clapping at everything actually impedes the brilliance, so knock it off.)

This is the third segment of a three-part story on some sex scandal in Washington. The other two segments are well worth viewing as well although, predictably, they do get a little raunchy. But I wanted to talk about this clip because it was Jon laying two smackdowns (smacks down?) in one.

First, Sean Hannity: Bite me. Bite every single inch of me and then lick me where I pee, you bitch of a partisan hack. You know damn well that if a Democrat had been revealed to be on that list before any Republicans they'd have to extend your show by another half an hour just so you could express all your outrage and righteous indignation about the depravity and the debauchery and the corruption.

As for Tucker Carlson, there's only one thing I can do you like being Jon Stewart's monkey?

There's really not much more I can add to this; it was all done so beautifully well and made such excellent use of all the most persistently and annoyingly stereotypical American Indian clichés. As for the story itself, praise be to God that that school finally got rid of that mascot, and let us just hope and pray that the officials stand by their decision and are not swayed by the determinedly myopic whining of a bunch of insensitive blow-hard sports fans.

I became aware of this particular controversy in 2001 in Human Relations class (hands down the most rewarding class I ever took in my entire academic career) when we watched a video about it. And I was shocked and amazed at the time, energy, and effort people put into retaining this mascot. It was incredible and horribly fascinating; they made speeches and they held rallies we were watching this video I just wanted to say to these people, "Don't you people have anything better to maybe studying, or waging wars over which end of a hard-boiled egg to break first?"

To be fair, I suppose if you'd attached your ego to a particular team identity, and that identity was suddenly taken away from you, that would probably be a bit disorienting and unpleasant. However, I don't think it would be anywhere near as unpleasant as having your entire cultural identity all but stripped away and made a mockery of for the amusement of others.
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