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Oy, me hearties!

Just saw PotC: At World's End.

It was delicious! But bittersweet.

I daren't say any more except for 4 things.

1) Don't believe any critics who say it's convoluted; it was nowhere NEAR as bad as Dead Man's Chest in that respect.

2) Orlando CAN act! I knew he could do it! Hooray! Keep it up, me boyo!

3) If this doesn't win Johnny Depp the Oscar, nothing will. Well, I say that now, but Sweeney Todd's due to come out this year too, isn't it? Hmmmmmmm... Also, as much as it pains me to say it, I find this movie to be much more of an ensemble piece than the other two, so I'm not sure I could in good conscience endorse anything but a Supporting Actor nomination for him (or any of the rest of them, for that matter). That is, if I still endorsed anything having to do with the Oscars.

4) Jack Sparrow is Bugs Bunny!
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