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Bloodthirsty plants!

Today it was not difficult at all to come up with a small joyful thing to post about.

So I mentioned briefly sometime last week that I might get to operate the plant in a production of Little Shop of Horrors. I expect I will post something philosophical and lengthy about this later on (unless I get too busy, which certainly seems possible at this point), but long story short, I get to do it, and if you'd like a slightly longer version of the story, please read on.

What happened was last week when I went to my friend Tony's wedding I ran into Molly W------, another friend and truly one of the most beautiful souls I've ever encountered on this earth, and so I was talking to her, and she asked me where I was and I told her Sioux Falls, and she was like, "I'm in Sioux Falls!" which I actually knew already because I had run into her briefly last year when the high school one-act competition was at USD. And so she told me that she had been cast in a production of Little Shop of Horrors at this dinner theatre that's in one of the little satellite towns around Sioux Falls (it's the most random place for a dinner theatre ever) and that they were looking for a plant operator, and might I be interested in doing that?

My reaction was, "Hmm, let me think...YES!" But she was very insistent that she not commit me to anything right then and there, which was probably a good idea, because she was rather drunk at the time, but she took my number and gave me hers and said she'd be in touch, and I knew she would be because she's not the kind of person who would just blow people off like that, and even if she were, I had her number so I could call her, but I didn't have to because she called me last night and apologized for not calling me sooner but the director had been talking to someone else about operating the plant but that had fallen through, so was I still interested, and the answer was still, "Gee, let me think...YES!" And so she was like, well, why don't you come down to rehearsal tomorrow night and talk to the director and see what's what, and I was like, okay, so I did. And Molly was still like, "I don't wanna pressure you into it or anything," and I'm like, "Molly, twist my arm. Okay." Because the prospect of doing a show again, of doing a show with cool people (not that the cast of The Diviners wasn't cool, but the director...not so much) just energized parts of my being that had been laying dormant.

To be fair, it is kind of a daunting task, because the final incarnation of the plant is friggin' huge. It's like 9 feet long and so will take some strength and also a lot of practice, probably can't really be anymore strenuous than the dancing and whatnot done in other performances; it's just a different kind of work is all. So yeah, I'm gonna do it. I'm excited. Yay!
Tags: theatre, theme week
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