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Sporking icons!

Today's small joy comes in the form of icons made by alius_solum and featuring quoteable quotes from Harry Potter fanfictions featured in pottersues' journal which, for those of you not aware, pokes fun at wretched pieces of Harry Potter fanfiction.

Now, there was a time when I would have continued snarkily, "Is there any other kind?" But I don't feel that way anymore. Be that as it may, I have very little patience with fanfiction and the writers thereof which take themselves seriously.

Here are the icons:

The first one comes from a fic entitled "Shards of the Rain", which I actually found strangely brilliant because it's written in the style of a movie trailer. But what is it trailing? Apparently nothing. How inexplicably delicious! You can read it here, and I highly recommend that you do, because it's very short and it's hilarious.

The second quote comes from a particularly wretched piece of dreck called "The Unicorn and I: A Harry Potter Romance Saga". You can read the sample and background notes featured on pottersues here, and the original first version of the story here...but keep in mind you do so at your own risk. What I love about this particular quote is that the complete lack of punctuation makes it nearly impossible to figure out who's actually talking. This, children, is why we need punctuation...because: Harry said, "Anastasia, I need you to make love to me." is quite a different sentence than: "Harry," said Anastasia, "I need you to make love to me."
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