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Strangely happy

I've just been in a bizarrely good mood all day today. Bizarre because I don't know what exactly brought it on. Nothing particularly exciting or stimulating happened between yesterday and today.

I think it all started before I woke up. I was dreaming, and first I was having a bad dream, but something turned it around and made it funny. Then later I was dreaming lucidly, which usually only happens either when I'm sleeping very deeply or very shallowly. This time it was the latter. Usually, if I'm sleeping shallowly and start dreaming lucidly, I wake up shortly thereafter, probably because when I start to wake up I realize that I'm dreaming, but this was a good dream and I didn't want to stop, so for a little while I managed to stay in the dream. It was rather funny, really, because my consciousness was kind of split and the one part of my consciousness was sort of cheerleading the other part to stay asleep. For example, there was this sound in the context of the dream seemed to be an engine of some sort, and one part of my consciousness said, "I think that's actually me snoring," and the other part said, "Ignore it! Just stay in the dream!" And it worked pretty well for a while, but then the alarm woke up and all was lost. Bugger.

And yet, the good feeling lasted even after I woke up. I went around all morning saying funny things to myself and laughing...I was going to say laughing uncontrollably, but that's not right because it implies not being able to speak or breathe or move, which is not what I mean, but I just mean I would think of something funny and have to chuckle, and every time I thought of it I would have to chuckle again. I put on my Jack Sparrow t-shirt which I foolishly bought from Hot Topic in a strangely persistent bout of whimsy. It's a bit ridiculous in someone my age really; in the first place shopping at Hot Topic and in the second place buying frivolous PotC merchandise, but in itself it's a mood elevator, because of the Jack Sparrow factor, obviously, but also because it's one of those so-called baby doll t-shirts, and I've lost enough weight now that it fits. And looks good! Dare I say that I'm thin now? Gracious, I haven't been thin in 20 years. Well, it's all comparative, really; certainly I'm much thinner than I was two years ago. Anyway, maybe Hot Topic laces its t-shirts in endorphins; for whatever reason, it makes me smile. Nevertheless, I did put on a blouse on over it because I didn't feel it was quite appropriate for work by itself.

Then I went to work, which could have been really bad, but fortunately was comparatively good. And even if it hadn't been, it was only six hours and it's the end of my work week, so it was automatically good by default. Not to say that there was nothing annoying or unpleasant that happened all day, but there was comparatively little of it, and the good humor from the morning sustained itself and thereby fortified me.

And when I got off, the sun was shining and the temperature was just about right, and when I got in my car there were good songs playing on the radio. Good thing, too, because if there hadn't been I probably would have driven straight home and forgotten that I needed to go to the pharmacy. So I did that. Also went to the PetCo cuz I needed to pick up a few things for Minnie. I bought her one of those laser pointer toys because she seems to enjoy chasing the reflection off my watch, but she's a bit too smart for her own good, it seems, because she seems to have figured out where the light is coming from and is now more interested in the pointer itself. But perhaps she doesn't have enough object permanence to remember that, so maybe she'll chase the light again tomorrow. Also I think she was having trouble seeing the laser point in the daylight, so maybe if it's darker she'll enjoy it more.

Because I was on the south side of town, I went to Gordman's which I'd never been to before, but it was pretty neat. The next time I need to buy clothes (now that I'm thin and all) or Christmas presents I might stop there again.

So...that was my day. It was good. And now it's the weekend, which is better still!
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