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MST, Manos, Madness!

So, today I made the exciting discovery that Google video has some uncut episodes of MST3k (most of the ones on YouTube are cut into segments of about 10 minutes), including the infamous Manos: the Hands of Fate.

Yesterday I made the equally exciting discovery that a theatre company in Chicago is putting on a rock opera version called "Manos: the Rock Opera of Fate". Sounds like an instant cult phenomenon to me...I wants to see it! Alas!

While doing a "Manos" search on YouTube for links to reference, I found a couple of good fan videos. This first one is a ten-minute compilation of highlights feature toadying minion Torgo, or as the Brains call him, "the clown that makes the dark side fun". I really recommend it to anyone who wants to get an idea of what I'm talking about but doesn't have the fortitude to sit through the whole episode. Also recommended for those who don't have the fortitude to sit through the whole episode is the final Torgo sketch from the episode, though for some reason this particular video includes about 30 seconds of the "haunting Torgo theme" playing over the MST3k credits which is just irritating.

And then there's this video, which is a series of "Manos" clips set to "Hotel California" by the Eagles. So funny, and strangely fitting:

And then a sad discovery I made, apparently the MST3k episode Village of the Giants, no longer exists in its fragmented entirety on YouTube, nor apparently does it exist on Google video either. A shame, it was one of the funniest episode I have yet encountered. The movie is so goofy to begin with, and more so because it features a bunch of people who were big names at the time and/or went on to greater fame, including Beau Bridges and Ron Howard (back when he was still credited as "Ronny Howard"). And while the movie riffing is good in its own right, the host segments are great because it features a return (apparently there were several) of Mike Nelson's spot-on Torgo impersonation (Torgo interviews for a job). Now I feel bad talking about it because I feel like I'm just teasing you since I can't show you any of the episode, (I thought someone might have posted the Torgo interview sketch as a stand-alone video, but no such luck), though there are lots of un-riffed clips from the movie available on YouTube, including this groovy dance clip...what was with '60s movies and gratuitous music/dance numbers?

As a consolation prize, I have found that The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies episode is now on YouTube, and, as I've just discovered, uncut on Google Video as well. This is an episode I had been looking forward to seeing for a long time, because with a title like that how could it not be entertaining on at least one level? It was released on DVD as part of a box set fairly recently, but as I have no money that didn't help me. When at last I got to see it, I was not disappointed. Apparently this movie was originally billed as the "World's Weirdest Movie", and there's definitely a strong case to be made for it. While the movie-riffing is excellent in this episode, the host segments are quite amusing in their own right as well. I was particularly amused by the opening segment, which has Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo doing walk-a-thons for organizations with ridiculously long names/acronyms. This is one of the few MST3k opening segments I've laughed out loud at. Please note that this video is just the first nine and a half minutes of the episode, so it includes the theme song, but if you skip over the theme song the rest of the video is quite funny and there is no need to have seen the episode nor, indeed, to have any previous knowledge of MST3k to appreciate it:

A word of warning about this movie: though the video I've posted is safe, the movie itself, for some inexplicably reason, contains long segments of just a spiral spinning, so if you do watch the whole episode, proceed with caution if you suffer from dizziness, vertigo, or have any history of seizures.
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