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Arrr! Why is Talk Like a Pirate Day gone?

Shiver me timbers and blow me down, I missed it!

Eh, I probably wouldn't have done anything (i.e. talked like a pirate) for it anyway. But it's just weird because I was thinking about it lately (as recently as yesterday, in fact) because I'm totally dressing up as a pirate for Halloween, which made me wonder, "When is Talk Like a Pirate Day, anyway? I think it's sometime soon isn't it? This is silly; I should just look it up." And then, typically, never got around to it. Poxy wench I be.

Doubtless at this point someone is thinking, "Ooh, you're dressing up as a pirate for Halloween; how original!" So I feel compelled to point out that I'm not just buying a cheap, mass-produced pirate costume from Wal-Mart or wherever; I'm putting it together out of stuff that, for the most part, I already owned, and it's gonna be cool. Except that my cutlass is still at my parents' house. Darn. Perhaps it's just as well, though, because I'll have to spend most of that day at work, and sitting at a computer with a sword would be cumbersome; perhaps I'll get a dagger instead.
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