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Today I went downtown and looked at SculptureWalk, and a lucky thing I did because it only runs from May to September, so they'll be taking them down soon. (Actually, I think I misunderstood that; if I'm now understanding correctly, the sculptures stay up for a whole year but you can only vote for them from May to September. But I wanted to vote for one, so still lucky for me I went downtown today.) Today was the first time since...well, must have been late April-early May that I went downtown for the sole purpose of walking around because at the time they were still in the process of putting them up, so there were a few sculptures and a lot of bare pedestals around. I have been downtown between then and now, of course, but I've always been driving, and of course you can see (most of) the sculptures from the road, but it's called SculptureWALK so they're mostly facing the sidewalk. And some of them are kind of small and behind trees. Also, in my opinion they put some of the lamest ones on the most prominent street corners. But that's okay, because then it's all the more reason to actually walk around and look at them.

Here are some pictures of all the sculptures. They encourage people to vote for their favorites. It was a really, really hard choice, but eventually I chose this one, although that picture doesn't do it justice. I wish I had a camera so I could have taken pictures of my own.

I really, really love Sioux Falls, have I mentioned that? It's just urban enough to be interesting and exciting, but not so much as to be frightening.
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