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Et lux perpetua luceat

Today was a sad day for me.

First, I found out that Madeleine L'Engle died it September. That was sad enough by itself, because she has been one of my favorite authors for many years, and until I started reading Harry Potter she had the singular distinction of being my favorite author.

Second, it was sad that I only found out that she had died today, nearly three months after the fact. I don't remember what I was doing September 6th, but I obviously wasn't paying close enough attention to the news (and, since she led a blameless life, her death wouldn't have been a big story, so I would have had to have been paying close attention).

As if it weren't bad enough to find out about it nearly three months after the fact, I found out about it from a conservative editorial comic strips either ("Mallard Fillmore") which I usually don't read because it makes me mad (and lest someone accuse me of being biased, I don't read liberal editorial comic strips either, and if I do happen to read one I usually read the other one. The Argus puts them on the comics page rather than in the editorial section for some dumb reason). Actually, I was quite surprised that both I and a conservative editorial cartoonist would be fans of the same author, because I don't care to comment on Ms. L'Engle's perceived political views, but I've always found her prose to be thought-provoking and challenging to the conventional social mores, which, in my experience, are not qualities that conservatives value (and I spent many years as a conservative, so I know approximately how they think).

Tomorrow I hope to write a more detailed tribute, but right now I'm tired and sore, so this will have to do for now. Requiem aeternam.

(oh, and if some Latin speaker could tell me what the proper pronoun for "her" should be after Et lux perpetua luceat, I would appreciate it; I only know "eis" for "them".)
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