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The refreshing taste of nostalgia and a quest completed

I've been looking for this Daily Show clip forever. It's a Stephen Colbert segment about some idiot who thinks that a commercial for orange juice featuring Popeye, et. al. is promoting homosexuality. The new Daily Show website has virtually ever moment of the show ever, but the search function is really screwy; I tried the search terms "orange juice," "Popeye," and "commercial", to no avail. (Prior to today, I had also tried clicking on the tags "gay" and "homosexual" as search terms and clicked on them as tags also to no avail. On an unrelated note, if you click on the "homosexual" tag, the page header says "Viewing homosexual Clips, which I find childishly amusing.) I finally had to scroll backwards through the 500+ Stephen Colbert clips until I saw some I didn't recognize and then go forward page by page until I finally found it (the segment title is "Fruit Juice", which was close but apparently not close enough).

But my triumph was short-lived because for some reason unknown to me I am unable to play any videos from that site at all. Would someone be so kind as to click this link and let me know if it works for you?

I remember this clip because it has the best double-take ever in the history of humanity. I won't do it justice, but let me try to describe it...Stephen Colbert is interviewing this anti-gay idiot, and the scene plays out as follows:

STEPHEN COLBERT: People like you and me, we don't hate homosexuals...

ANTI-GAY IDIOT: No! We don't hate them.

SC: ...we just get mad at the ones who turn us on.

AGI: --what?!?

Oh least I found it, and that's the hard part done.

UPDATE: Yay, it works now! My six-and-a-half-year quest is over! Actually, the whole segment is split up into two clips: here is the second part. At the end they have a staged debate about it ala Fox News; it's so weird to see how they actually used to parody the news instead of just making jokes about it. It's also weird to see how young and thin Jon looks, and how Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell pretty much look exactly the same.

Man, the new Daily Show website almost makes me want to revise the paper I wrote for Criticism class about the Daily Show, except that citing the clips would be a nightmare and I'd probably want to wait until they've gotten all the bugs worked out. But anyway, I'll be busy with seminar papers, so never mind.
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