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...I did find the Daily Show clip I referred to yesterday, in which Bill Donahue of the so-called "Catholic League" made me angry, but I couldn't remember why. Here it is.

I can see why it upset me at the time, but now, with Bush as a lame duck and Congress in Democratic control, it's mostly just funny. I'm at the point now where I realize that Bill Donahue is just a crazy person (and a very immature one at that) and the way to deal with people whose views are that crazy is just to mock them relentlessly, because if you get angry with them, you're taking them seriously and thus lend them credibility. And there are quite enough Catholics lending him credibility, so I intend to be part of the solution.

What amazes me about Bill Donahue, the more of these clips I watch in succession, is how remarkably immature he is. He seems literally not to have an "indoor voice", or perhaps no one ever told him to use it. Also, in that clip, when he talks about "the most insane idea I ever heard of in my whole life of two men getting married"...that's literally the view I held when I was 7 years old, except that I didn't know the word "insane" at that point, so I went with something more along the lines of "stupid". (This has nothing to do with anything, but I think it's interesting that in medieval times people were more concerned about female homosexuality than male homosexuality because apparently they were concerned that too many women would become lesbians and the population would drop.)

I could say more, but as usual, Jon says it so much better and funnier and more concisely than I do, what's the point? Of course we don't have him making comments at the moment because of the writer's strike, and that's a shame. While I'm in sympathy with the strikers, I think it's terribly unfortunate that the issue couldn't be resolved without a strike because, among other things, it's the quality programs that have been and will be the most affected.
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