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Creepier than the porcelain baby head?

You be the judge!

Today I was at the grocery store and they had a window display of two mannequins in bridal wear (meaning one was in a wedding dress and one was in a tux), facing one another, standing under a wedding arch, as though in the act of exchanging vows...

...BUT they didn't have any heads!

This really creeped me out, and then I was forced to ask myself why. After all, it's not the first time I've seen headless mannequins before, or even headless mannequins sporting bridal wear. But I think the thing that made it so creepy is that most of the time, when headless mannequins are on display, they're just that, on display as inanimate objects on which it's convenient to hang clothes so that they look as they would while they're being worn. Typically the headless mannequins aren't set up in poses as though they were actually performing some action.

Also, the dress had a veil. But the mannequin had no head. So the veil was just sort of draped around her neckal region.

It was creepy.
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