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The show will go on with and without him

I'm referring to the film Heath Ledger was working on when he died. According to an IMDb article the role is to be completed by Colin Farrell, Jude Law, and Johnny Depp...apparently the character is (or has become) a shapeshifter, at least that's how I understand it based on the IMDb trivia page (for more information, see also the collected news articles page).

Now, as to the involvement of Johnny Depp, the article referenced above didn't cite a source for that, so that may not be accurate. However, I do hope that it's true. Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger are two of my favorite actors and as far as ability, talent, and integrity go, they're in the highest echelon of screen actors (though I could never compile a ranked list of that magnitude). I do wish I could have seen them perform together, but this would be nearly as good.

I have to say, even though it makes me feel somewhat guilty to say it, I'm far more interested to see this movie now than I would have been if Heath were still alive. Taken out of context, that might sound like a slam on Heath, but it's exactly the opposite; now that Heath is no longer with us, I'm more keen to see all of his movies because I know that there will never be any more, and it makes those few we have all the more precious. With that said, I have mixed feelings about seeing the film because it's a Terry Gilliam film, and he also directed The Brothers Grimm, which was one of the worst movies I ever saw in my life, even though I wanted to like it and I tried to like it, and even though Heath Ledger was brilliant in it as he was in everything. And yet, I'm very curious to see how exactly they are going to overcome this particular difficulty. The fantasy aspect of the film should work in its favor. Then again, even fantasy has to have an internal logic as the basis for its premise, so hopefully that will be established, but I have my doubts.

To be fair to Terry Gilliam, I am judging his film-making prowess on just one other film, with a different screenwriter than the current project, which is not a very representative sample. Also, it's worth mentioning that The Brothers Grimm was a Golden Lion contender at the Venice Film Festival in 2005, and generally speaking I think the Venetians have pretty good taste, so maybe it's just me. Regardless, I commend Mr. Gilliam for going forward with the production in honor of Heath's memory. Also, while I have mixed feelings about Colin Farrell, I'm deeply touched by the comments he made in tribute of Heath and the "painful honor" of completing the film for him.

This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with anything, but I just realized that Heath Ledger has the bizarre distinction of appearing in the two movies that I consider the best and worst of 2005, Brokeback Mountain and The Brothers Grimm respectively.
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