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Blank parody: purely funny politics

I actually have a lot of exciting things that happened over the last week to talk about, but unfortunately, I also have a paper due on Friday. So I suppose I should probably work on that.

But I did want to share with you some non-partisan political comedy by the brilliant Mike Nelson. He took some political ads looks like four of the candidates (the four technically still in the race as far as I've heard: H. Clinton, Obama, McCain and Huckabee) and either riffed them or dubbed in a completely new voice-over soundtrack (with surprisingly good synchronization; well done, Mr. Nelson).

You can view them all here, but I wanted to include my favorite. It's from the Hillary Clinton campaign about the Iowa caucuses, and it's goofy enough even without the riffing. Please enjoy:

Actually, caucusing sounds like fun! I wish I could do it. According to this ad, all you have to be is 18 or older; I think Mr. Nelson voiced over the part where it said you actually have to be from Iowa. Oh well; having to live in Iowa wouldn't be worth it.

In related news, Hillary Clinton is going to be on the Daily Show on Monday (and, as per usual, the Daily Show website is celebrating by not letting me find any of her previous interviews). That should be interesting. Jon is always a gracious host even with people he's severely lampooned, and in the past Ms. Clinton has always been a good sport but...the stakes are a bit higher now, so I suspect that things may be a bit more tense. But maybe not.
Tags: 2008 election, internet videos, politics, rifftrax, the daily show
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