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Time paradox

I just saw a banner ad for "Macbeth: the Graphic Novel". It was advertised as "Coming Soon"

"Soon"? Dude, it already came 40-50 some years ago, back when they were still called "comic books". Or in this case, as my mom calls them, "classic funny-books". She had other ones besides "Macbeth"..."Moby Dick" is the only other one I ever remember her mentioning, but I believe there were more. The other ones have apparently been lost, but she still has "Macbeth"; the cover art has Macbeth gazing at the dagger he sees before him. It always freaked me out, if you want to know the truth; the look of horror on his face is upsetting.

Well, I'm sure "Macbeth: the Graphic Novel" will be new and cool, and as always I'm all for the democratization of art, but that was just really weird to see. Also I suppose someone could explain to me the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel, and why the former is so much cooler and better than the latter.
Tags: miscellaneous, theatre
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