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What's wrong with people?

Why are people so rude? Most of my amplification for that assessment is privileged information, unfortunately, but I can give one example: this afternoon our choir was singing in church, and we sang a postlude (song after the service proper had ended) which we don't usually do. Where we stand in the front of the church also happens to be right in front of an exit, and they had a barricade at the end of the church aisle to dissuade people from exiting behind us while we were singing. But then a bunch of people just went around us the other way. Now, I don't expect people to stand around and listen, but they should at least have the courtesy not to walk past us as though we were a noisy flock of geese or something.

Why do people say "Happy Memorial Day"? I can only assume that it's because they've forgotten what Memorial Day is supposed to be about, ironically enough. Now, as someone in a wretched job, I can understand why people given a day off from work would want to enjoy it, but is there no other time that they can do it? It seems like people who GET holidays off at all usually get more than one per year. Is it too much to ask to have one day in the year to solemnly remember those who have passed on? When I was growing up, we never did anything fun on Memorial Day. My parents always dragged us out to visit the graves; it was depressing and I dreaded it, but it taught me respect for those who have gone before us, even if they'd gone so long ago that I never knew them. Now, I'm not necessarily saying that people shouldn't have fun on Memorial Day; I'm just saying it would be nice if they would realize that maybe not everybody is having fun; maybe some people might have lost family or loved ones recently (like, within the last two weeks, maybe) and so this time might be a little painful or difficult for them.
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