Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Jon Stewart makes me feel patriotic

I was just on the Daily Show website trying to find out if the "Benjamin Franklin" who just got married is the same one who once shared a Philly cheesesteak with Rob Corddry, and I think so, but I can't find the actual video so I've stopped caring.

But they're featuring other "patriotic" themed videos today, and I particularly like this one:

Although it's mainly about flag burning, it pretty much sums up my thoughts on the recent Supreme Court decision about the Second Amendment.

I have mixed feelings about said Supreme Court decision: I'm glad that they heard a Second Amendment case, but disappointed in the decision itself. Those of you who know me well know that gun control used to be one of my touchstone issues, but in light of the liberties that the government has been taking in taking liberties away from citizens, I'm not as comfortable as I used to be with the idea of the government mucking around with the Bill of Rights.

I was just thinking about the word "patriotism", and how I'm not really sure what it means anymore. I kind of like Charlotte Perkins Gilman's definition from her novel Herland:
Patriotism, red hot, is compatible with the existence of a neglect of
national interests, a dishonesty, a cold indifference to the
suffering of millions. Patriotism is largely pride, and very largely
combativeness. Patriotism generally has a chip on its shoulder.
Of course, in Gilman's case, she was constructing "patriotism" as a male concept ("combatativeness", for her, was an essentially male trait), but I think that, gender politics aside, it applies pretty well to what we now define as patriotism, and I would agree with her that that emotion is not constructive and potentially dangerous.

I'd rather be a Jon Stewart-style patriot, one who loves the country so much that he's not afraid to point out its flaws and foibles.

So happy 4th of July, everyone!
Tags: ideas, politics, the daily show
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