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I hear music in me

Let me say right off the bat that whatever skills I may have in composition do not extend to musical composition. I can interpret music that's already written, but I can't write it myself.

However, yesterday I got the idea for an arrangement: there's a melody that I know as a hymnsong, which is identified in my hymnal by the name "Slane" and described as a traditional Irish melody, but I've heard two different sets of lyrics for it, one called "Lord of All Hopefulness" and one called "Be Thou My Vision". So I got the idea, "hey, someone should arrange those two sets of lyrics as a companion piece." (If someone hasn't already, but cursory research hasn't uncovered anything.)

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the two sets of lyrics would actually complement each other very nicely, so I started thinking out a very, very, very simple two-part choral arrangement. The idea is that I could set down the bare bones of the arrangement, and then someone else who could come up with harmony and accompaniment could work off what I come up with later. (Do I know anyone like that? Hmmm...)

So I was thinking that, since I don't have any sort of keyboard except for a crappy online Java application, and manuscript paper is expensive, I could download a free demo version of Finale, which is music composition software that lets you listen to what you're composing as you're composing it. The problem with the free demos of Finale is that you can't save your work and you can only print out the first page. But then again, it seems like there's a pretty easy way around that; just print out each page as you go, and make each page a new composition. It would be time consuming (not to mention ink-consuming), but I think it would work.
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