Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

A haunting sequence from Angels in America

Angels in America takes place in 1985.

MARTIN HELLER: It's a revolution in Washington, Joe. We have a new agenda and finally a real leader. They got back the Senate, but we have the courts. By the nineties the Supreme Court will be block-solid Republican appointees, and the Federal bench--Republican judges like land mines, everywhere, everywhere they turn. Affirmative action? Take it to court. Boom! Land mine. And we'll get our way on just about everything: abortion, defense, Central America, family values, a live investment climate. We have the White House locked till the year 2000. And beyond. A permanent fix on the Oval Office? It's possible. By '92 we'll get the Senate back, and in ten years the South is going to give us back the House. It's really the end of Liberalism. The end of New Deal Socialism. The end of ipso facto secular humanism. The dawning of a genuinely American political personality. Modeled on Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Granted, it didn't happen quite like the fictional Mr. Heller envisioned, but still...scaaaaaaary!

At the end of the play, Prior says, "The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come."

Oh, Tony Kushner. I want to believe you, but sometimes it feels like the world is spinning backwards.

Like I need to tell you that. Silly me. Forgive me my Midwestern egocentrism.

The stage is set, my friends. The Great Work Continues.
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