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Arrrrr! Why is the rum gone?

Arr, a better question be, why do I not drink?

Here it be Talk Like a Pirate Day and me with nothing to say.

Arr, this may be an opportune moment to mention the Rifftrax of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which I have not yet purchased because me fortunes are still low. It seemed to me kind of a strange choice for a Rifftrax; sure, there be plenty of silly stuff to make jokes about in it, but it's also a movie which doesn't take itself terribly seriously, it's comparatively well done (though big-budget blockbusters with splashy special effects do tend to provide their own type of riffing fodder), and it's not only funny in it's own right but already has two really funny commentary tracks associated with it on the DVD.

I'm not sayin' it was a bad choice, ye understand; I'm just sayin' that a more obvious choice would have been Dead Man's Chest, and a middlingly more obvious choice would have been At World's End. Ah well, all the more reason for me to get me iRiff of Dead Man's Chest goin' so I could enter it in the contest in October. Arr, but I don't think that's going to happen, what with grad school and all. Scurvy grad school. If only I could make me fortune making iRiffs, but unfortunately I be not that funny.

Well, I guess that be all I have to say fer now. I'm going to plunder me some Doritos now (that be the generic store brand of Doritos; they were on sale). Yo-ho-ho, me buckos!
Tags: films, miscellaneous, rifftrax, work stress
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