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Okay, I found a MST3k "fan film" on YouTube that has left me both confused and delighted.

But before I get into that, I must initiate you into the mysteries of The Final Sacrifice, one of the most memorable MST3k features ever, mostly because it features a character named--and I'm not making this up--Zap Rowsdower, who meets up with this kid named Troy who's being pursued by this cult of men who run around in tank tops and black hoods and wield all sorts of weaponry, led by this disturbed-looking man in a black trenchcoat with a digitally modified voice whom Mike and the 'bots dub "Canadian villain Garth Vader." They're all looking for a hidden city, and along the way our heroes meet up with a scrawny, grizzled mountain man with buggy eyes who talks like Yosemite Sam, whose name is--I'm not making this up either--Mike Pipper. It has to be seen to believed, and for some reason I can't find the whole episode in its non-segmented form online anymore, but thankfully somebody put together a montage of highlights:

At about 6:43 of the above video, they make up a commercial for "Zap and Troy: the Legendary Journeys." And so the parody torch was passed, and somebody made up a trailer for that imaginary series:

What confused and delighted me the most about this little gem is the fact that they used Pirates of the Caribbean music as the theme music. I mean, I can understand why they would use PotC music (although I wonder why they didn't use the Final Sacrifice theme music, which I enjoy even though it is oddly repetitive), but why did they use the "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!" line? What does Jack Sparrow have to do with anything? And how does Rowsdower teleport? And why is King Arthur there at the end? It's so delightfully bizarre, much like The Final Sacrifice itself.
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