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Maybe I should go see a movie to take my mind off my troubles

Apparently Twilight, starring Cedric Diggory and Diet Natalie Portman, is opening tonight at midnight, which sounds really silly when you just say it like that. I'm so depressed I almost want to see it in hopes that it will be so unintentionally hilarious that it will take my mind off my troubles. But on the other hand, it might just be completely stupid and make me more depressed, not to mention 8 to 10 dollars poorer and nervous because I would be surrounded by a crowd of hormone-crazed, angst-ridden teen girls. Mega-Teen-Girl-Squad!

I do want to see the movie eventually; I just don't want to pay to see it, because I'm expecting to pay money for the Rifftrax, whenever there is one. I know there will be eventually, and if there isn't I'll make my own version, because without having seen it, I know intuitively that Twilight is the kind of movie just made for Rifftrax.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I haven't read the books either, nor do I intend to. So I suppose I don't really have the right to judge, so I'll try to say this as ingenuously as possible: from what I understand, this girl falls in love with this guy, but he like completely ignores and avoids her and treats her inconsiderately, and she's all hurt, but then it turns out that the reason that he completely ignores her is because he actually loves her too, but he's a vampire and so he stays away from her to protect her from himself.

Without making any unfair criticisms, I'm just thankful that the book series didn't exist when I myself was a hormone-crazed, angst-ridden teen girl, because I myself was also in love with someone who completely ignored and avoided me and treated me inconsiderately, but it turns out that he just didn't like me. Had the books existed and had I read them (which is kind of unlikely in the first place because I'm not really into vampires), I probably would have become even more deluded; I probably wouldn't have concluded that he was a vampire (although it would have been good if I did because that would have been a major turn-off), but I probably would have taken it as reason to hope that he really did like me and there was some sort of noble reason why he always ignored and avoided me and treated me badly. Because I did read a book once which was actually quite cute and clever and not remotely similar to Twilight (as near as I can tell) except for the motif of a guy treating a girl really badly because he was secretly in love with her, and maybe if I hadn't read it I would have wised up more quickly.

*sigh* That kind of plot just really, really annoys me, because I know the damage it can do. Not to say that people aren't responsible for their own thoughts and feelings and actions, because they are...and yet, books can have a powerful influence, especially if they seem to give us license to believe what we want to believe.
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