Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

United Nations

I ask this question, not rhetorically, but because I truly don't know the answer: why do we have a United Nations?

Isn't it kind of to regulate the actions of the nations of the world, to use force only when necessary? And isn't it so nations can share responsibility, and be accountable, and cooperate to make decisions that are the best for all?

I ask this because I read Colin Powell's address to the UN regarding Iraq. Now, Colin Powell is a man I have long since had a lot of respect and admiration for, and if he were to run for president I would vote for him in a second. Anyway, when I read the transcript of the speech, I thought that if indeed his evidence was good, and Iraq was deliberately disobeying that UN Resolution, then the UNITED NATIONS would be justified in taking some action. And if the UNITED NATIONS were to take actions, then I would support that, and support the US helping out in those efforts. I wouldn't LIKE it, but I would respect it and support it. However, I've heard NOTHING that convinces me that the US would be justified in taking unilateral action. And I doubt I ever will.

So I ask again: why do we have a UN? What's the point if the US can just do whatever it wants? I know I said I wouldn't read any responses, but if someone could answer this question I would really appreciate it.
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