Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Golden Globes

You know, last year I didn't put the results behind a cut, and maybe I should have. But then, maybe anyone who actually cares was either also watching or looked up the results already.

I don't have a lot to say, not having seen many movies or watched much TV this past year. One thing that I learned from watching this particular broadcast is that a five-second delay is not enough time to blur out obscene gestures, which is interesting to know. I wonder how much time they would need for that; perhaps we'll find out. I kind of hope not.

But anyway, there are three results that I want to comment briefly about:

1.) Tina Fey is awesome, and part of me wants to be her, although I hope she doesn't always let Tracy Morgan speak for the show from now on. Nothing against Tracy Morgan, but a little of him goes a long way. While I was happy for 30 Rock winning stuff, part of me wishes that it had not won because now its stupidly repetitive and annoying theme song is running through my head.

2.) Sooooooooooooooooo happy for Kate Winslet! She's such a brilliant actor and it's so nice to see her finally getting her due. It was gratifying to see her win one award, but to see her win two in one night was really a delight.

3.) Of course I have to talk about my boy, Heath Ledger, but I'll warn you right now, it's not going to be coherent. Of course it's gratifying to see all these posthumous awards going to him, but it's also bittersweet. Speaking for myself, it's bittersweet that people didn't appreciate him like this when he was still alive (particularly for Brokeback Mountain, which will always be my biased favorite), because there's always the nagging doubt: are they awarding it to him because they honestly thought it was the best performance, or because they feel bad that he's dead?

Don't get me wrong; I believe that he earned every nomination and award he ever received, and I didn't see any of the other nominated performances so I'm not in a position to make an unbiased judgment, but he was as brilliant in The Dark Knight as he was in everything else he endeavored, and I believe (or at least I hope) that he'd be getting all these awards were he still alive, or at the very least the nominations.

It wasn't until just before the awards were announced that I fully realized that he was once again nominated in the same category as Philip Seymour Hoffman, the man who outshone him during the 2005-2006 awards season, and I said to myself, "If Philip Seymour Hoffman beats him again, I am going to punch something." Nothing against Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is a perfectly fine and gifted actor in his own right, a worthy recipient of the 2006 Best Actor Oscar among many other awards from that season, and (if I remember actually reading this and didn't dream it) a friend of Heath's.

Anyway, I thought Christopher Nolan's speech was eloquent and perfect, and speaking of bittersweet, what a difficult task that must be to accept these awards on Heath's behalf. On the one hand, it would be a privilege and a pleasure to honor a friend and valued colleague, but on the other hand you would prefer that he was here to accept them himself. And perhaps, just a tiny, tiny bit of you would feel jealous that you were accepting someone else's award rather than your own, and then maybe you would feel guilty for feeling jealous. Or maybe that would just be me. In any case, I was very touched by his speech. Though, interestingly enough, not to the point of tears. What a difference a year makes.
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