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I went to see Slumdog Millionaire today. It was very good, although it was a little bit hard to follow sometimes, probably because of a combination of accents and cultural references (coming into 5 minutes late probably didn't help either). But I pretty much knew how it was going to end what with the publicity and the Oscars and all, and yet I was still antsy with suspense towards then end. And once again, it was one of those movies in which the journey is more important than the destination, though, having taken the journey, the destination makes for a nice payoff.

I loved how the police inspector started to get caught up in the story, so that it was less an interrogation and more of a Scheherezade, Thousand and One Nights situation.

I've said before and I'll say again that Dev Patel is adorable, and he was soooo good in this movie, although I felt that his dialect work was a little splotchy, but he brings such tenderness and pathos to the role that it hardly matters. His few scenes with Freida Pinto were so beautiful and sweet. It kind of reminded me of Man of LaMancha, the idea that idealized love doesn't have to be disappointed, that love has the power to make the ideal real; as the song lyrics go: "to each his Dulcinea that he alone can name."

It's interesting that of all its many awards and nominations, very few are for acting: few acting nominations and fewer wins. It's also interesting that for the SAG Awards Dev Patel was nominated as an Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role rather than a leading role; I don't know if that's because they considered it to be such an ensemble piece, or they had so many strong contenders in the Leading category, or what. It's unfortunate for Dev Patel that he had to go up against my boy Heath Ledger but, God willing, Dev Patel will have a long and fruitful career ahead of him and get plenty more chances to win. I truly hope so, because from what I saw in this film he truly is a prodigious talent (Slumdog did win the Outstanding Cast award from SAG, so at least he didn't go home completely empty-handed).

Well, I've now seen two Academy Award nominees for Best Picture, this and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (unfortunately I missed both Frost/Nixon and Milk in the discount theater, so will have to wait for the DVDs, and don't know if or when The Reader has played near me, or will). Between the two of them, I honestly couldn't say which is better; I can't think of any valid grounds for comparison. I guess if I absolutely had to pick one over the other, I'd pick Benjamin Button, for the sole reason that I could easily follow the story and (mostly) understand what the characters were saying. Also, it had less of the cringe-worthy violence, which I appreciate. That's not to say that the violence and disturbing imagery in Slumdog was gratuitous, because it wasn't; I'd just prefer not to see it, although ultimately it was worth it.

Oh, by the way, the soundtrack kicks ass!
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